The nutritionist: Ralf Stengel

Ralf Stengel, born in may 18th 1978 in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, started his sports career in 1996 with his first weightlifting experiences aged 18. It was certainly clear that he completely wanted to focus his life on training and sports in general. So he firstly entered the bodybuilding stage in 1999. The following successes should be mentioned- as he´s been undergoing a six years´s career:

1999 German junior champion total class
2001 West German and German Champion "Men Superbody"
2001 WFF Universe Men Superbody fourth placed, WFF, WM Men Superbody fifth placed
2004 WFF/NABBA vice Mr. Universe

He retires in 2005 to support sportsmen actively as a nutritionist and personal trainer. Ever since he was able to push many bodybuilders to some famous championships. With the help of his wife Claudia Stengel he was able to form some statern champions, national champions, one Mr. Universe and many more champions. But Ralf has always been in touch with other sports such as martial artists aswell and so he naturally became Daniel´s official nutritionist and sponsor.

Ralf´s website: