Freire verletzt!

Patricio Freire hat sich am Knie verletzt und der Titelkampf in Tel Aviv ist geplatzt. Daniel´s Statement:

"The fight is off - can you believe it?
It´s one thing to believe - which I truly do - that everything happens for a reason, but there is still the emotional part to every story. It has been a rollercoaster in my case ever since my manager told me that the fight is off; as I was right in the middle of my weight cut. Everything went smooth up until that point, including a very demanding training camp, which I put all my heart, soul and body into with the help of the best team (MMA Spirit TV ) in the world. I was more than ready to fight and bring home the Bellator world championship belt to Germany!
We´ve had already checked in (online) to our flights to Tel Aviv and all of a sudden there is this huge emptiness (inside) running through your every thought.
I feel sorry for everyone, who has invested so much into this fight, starting with my coaches, training partners, sponsors and of course my family and friends, who were on their way to fly out to Tel Aviv to support me in huge numbers! I don´t take any of that for granted, so I can´t tell you how much I love you all! I´m in great shape and ready to fight- so I hope to at least get another fight in 2017 as I wish to stay (a lot more) active Bellator MMA
Patricio Pitbull Freire - you never hear me talk trash, because I believe in the true essence of martial arts, which is to respect every person on the planet as much as every opponent, especially when injured. I wish you a quick recovery and I'd like to believe that we share the same pain of not fighting (for now). Nobody knows what the future holds, but there is no doubt in my mind that we will soon or later meet again!"