The advisor: Niels Schlaegel

Hello everyone- I would like to introduce myself: My name is Niels Schlaegel and I have started to guide Daniel in June 2008. The reason for my decission to take care of his business is quite simple: I just believe in his potential and that he one day will be one of the major forces in the worldwide MMA circuit. But I also believed that he had to step up in business to achieve his goals and that´s what we´re trying to work on. We´ve worked out a plan for his short-, middle and longterm targets. The most important thing was to create a fundament, a basis to keep him doing what he´s best at: training, teaching lessons and holding seminars.

We´ve been searching specialists for every area: His nutrition, his physical demands, public relations, training in every aspect (Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling) - but also his spiritual needs have been thoroughly thought out and he therefore medidates ona regular basis.

I´ve been training marital arts for more than ten years and have met Daniel through my trainings partner Franco de Leonardis and it didn´t take me that much time to acknowledge Daniels skills but also his ambitions to become one of the greatest in our beloved sport.

We quickly realized that we should start a professional team work. Ever since I´ve been trying to make Daniel´s life as simple as possible- as I´m not only his advisor but take care of his sponsors, all content of his website and any kind of requests by promoters or fans aswell.

I´m sure that this is just the beginning of a successfull and long lasting teamwork- I therefore wish you loads of fun on his website!