Early in his life, Daniel started to feel strongly about martial arts and Bruce Lee became the first figure to guide him to glory- while watching all of the Hong Kong Chinese actors movies, he was finally able to convince his parents Werner and Elke Weichel, still at the young age of 14, to support his martial arts career.

He quickly became familiar with the german martial art Ju Jutsu, which he practiced for about a year, but promptly realized that it was something deeper he was searching for- realistic training and competion where he could test his own abilities in the best way possible.
After attending his first BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) training under the authority of Mario Stapel, who later became his mentor, trainer and manager for the next years, it was clear where his future would be. So he decided to go all the 90 miles from Michelstadt to Wetzlar (where he usually stayed for the weekends) twice a week to improve his ground fighting skills (BJJ) and his stand up game (Thaiboxing). To complete his training he also started wrestling two years later aged 17 to become familiar with both freestyle and greco roman wrestling while he also practises boxing with fighters from different weight classes regularly and tries to improve wherever he can.

Although not knowing where his way would lead him, he always had the feeling of destiny while he was training and suddenly his dream came true on the 12th of May in 2002 when he had his first professional fight - already on a big stage with a huge crowd attendant, fighting for the famous label "Shooto Holland". After having already won two amateur fights earlier that year, he was now facing a big test in the much more experienced dutch fighter Vincent Latoel, who quickly had to understand how good that kid was and so Latoel had to submitt due to a straight armbar after only 1:48 min. in the very first round.

To asure more self confidence, Daniel went on to participate in one more amateur competition only to secure the European amateur Shooto Championship later that year- still aged 17!!

Ever since his feeling of destiny became certainty and his first climax on his way to the european peak was his unanimous decission win over the then hotly favored Abdul Mohamed (reigning Cage Rage lightweight champion 2008) on the seventh of August 2004 at the "Pride&Glory" event which was held by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) veteran Ian Freeman.
More victories were to come as he became the winner of the "European Valetudo 5- Phoenix" four-man competition on the eighth of October 2005 and his submission win over eventual UFC fighter Dennis Siver in summer 2006.

After having already secured a european championship title in Jiu Jitsu back in 2002 fighting in Vittel/France, it was four years later that Daniel became majorly recognized as he participated in the German Reality TV Show "MAX" (Martial Arts Extreme) which was promoted and weekly shown by the DSF (Deutsches Sport Fernsehen- a german sports channel).
Using the same concept as the US american reality show "TUF" (The Ultimate Fighter), in which fighters are invited to a camp and devided into two groups to fight each other for a contract with the UFC- the MAX promotors did just the same. 16 fighters were invited to Germany´s capital Berlin and spread into two groups to battle their way to the final. Daniel, one of the favourites to win the competition, made it to the finals after winning all of his three fights. The production was stopped for uncertain reasons and the final against swiss fighter Ivan Mussardo never happened until September 2009 where Daniel was able to beat Mussardo via unanimous decision for the famous label "Shooto Switzerland". He was then crowned the Martial Arts Extreme Champion!

Having also experienced sporting setbacks, like losing to the british top UFC fighters Dan Hardy and Paul Daley, Daniel only feels more ambition to improve on his skills. In his young career he has already been training with famous fighters and trainers like Murilo Rua, Fabio Gurgel, Rubens Charles and Caiverinha but also national stars like the two time European submission wrestling and Shido MMA world champion Franco de Leonardis.

Daniel´s biggest sporting accomplishment has come on the 20th of November in Moscow´s Olympic Stadium, where Daniel was able to get his 10th win in his last 11 fights. It was a special win as he was able to secure the M-1 global lightweight world championship belt against the reigning American Top Team champion Jose Figueroa with a devastating KO win early in the first round! Daniel´s fight was promoted as the co-main event to "Fedor vs. Monson" and in front of 22.000 people in the audience, including Russia´s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin + Russian and US American TV!

Being a tough martial artist isn´t all what Daniel is about. Despite fighting in a cage, he knows what else he wants in life. After finishing his "Fachhochschulreife" he went straight on to accomplish his civilian service in a dialysis hospital in Bad König. Having contact with people is something natural for the congenial fighter and so he decided to teach his knowledge of martial arts to others and opened his own martial arts gym 2005 in Michelstadt. That is the place where he works as a trainer and as a sporting but also morally role model, because apart from being a trainer he also works for two schools to educate pupils with concentration and learning problems by taking care of them and teaching them martial arts to help them finding self confidence and to learn from his own experiences.

Daniel´s other big passion surely is riding on waves- his first contact with surfing was back in brasil- where he basically went to improve on his martial arts skills- but suddenly fell in love with the water sport. He states that there´s no better place for him to relax than hanging around at the beach or going out to fight the sea- that is why he loves to travel because there is no sea air around Michelstadt.

Whenever Daniel is not out to concentrate on his sports career, he likes to spend loads of time on movies: no matter going out to the cinema, watching DVDs or television- alone, with friends or his family, including his two younger sisters named Jonas and Katarina- both are very close to him- he simply enjoys himself. Daniel knows for sure that he wouldn´t be here if it wasn´t for the support of his family. That is one of the reasons why Daniel is taking his training so serious- it is his way of payback.

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