The Jiu Jitsu coach: Flavio Serafin

The Brazilian Top Team black belt Flavio Serafin is enjoying his stint at MMA Spirit and is eager to pass his experience on to our fighters, students and of course the Weasel. Daniel is profiting from the many years of jiu jitsu and mma competition. The former world champion is known for his technical ... weiterlesen

The wrestling coach: Sam Behnud

details will be added soon

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The Striking Coach: Mohamed Ouali!

Daniel´s Striking Coach surely is one of the greatest- having brought success to the famous "American Top Team" and "The Armory".

Follow the link and find detailed information about "the Gentleman":

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Daniel´s Muay Thai Coaches: Faldir Chahbari and Samir Almansouri

We are more than happy to have welcomed our new thaiboxing coach Faldir „Fast" Chahbari. Known to anyone who is interested in K1 and Muay Thai, Faldir is known as one of the most technical fighters in the sport. He has been in the ring ... weiterlesen

The advisor: Niels Schlaegel

Hello everyone- I would like to introduce myself: My name is Niels Schlaegel and I have started to guide Daniel in June 2008. The reason for my decission to take care of his business is quite simple: I just believe in his potential and that he one day will be one ... weiterlesen

The nutritionist: Ralf Stengel

Ralf Stengel, born in may 18th 1978 in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, started his sports career in 1996 with his first weightlifting experiences aged 18. It was certainly clear that he completely wanted to focus his life on training and sports in general. So he firstly entered the bodybuilding stage in 1999. The following successes ... weiterlesen

The physiotherapist: Tufan Erenel

We are glad to present Tufan Erenel as Daniel´s latest team member. Tufan was born on the seventh of march 1977 in Hanau/Germany. He first started his career as a personal fitness coach in 1996 and has ever since been able to add four semesters of sports biologie and of course a bachelor as a physiotherapist ... weiterlesen